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Zombie Invasion II Camporee

Event Date: Friday, October 18, 2019 -
Sunday, October 20, 2019

Location: Camp Thunderbird

Infected or Survivor - which will you be, and who will come out alive?

The zombies are headed for the last safe haven in the Northwest: Camp Thunderbird! Will you make it to the safety of camp before the infection gets YOU?

Join the Zombie Invasion defense force, and learn the skills needed to fend off the approaching Zombie hoards... this Camporee style event is guaranteed to be the most exciting thing you will have done in a long while! They managed to defeat the zombies at Camp Hahobas back in 2010, will YOU be able to do the same in 2019?

WARNING: Due to the intense nature of the event, this Camporee is primarily intended for 11 to 20 year old Scouts and Venturers.

Zombies have been sighted heading towards the south Puget Sound region, and are rumored to be heading towards Camp Thunderbird. Scouts are advised to seek shelter at the Thunderbird Emergency Zombie Defense Station. Further information will be provided later...

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