Seven More Eagle Scouts

Troop 27 of Fox Island awarded the rank of Eagle to seven of its members on March 14, 2015.  From Left: Thomas Ichiyama, Mitchell Baltmiskis, Ian Collins, Mason Yonkers, Matthew Wild, Jarrett Siler and Daniel Crone.  These seven scouts were the last of the first 20 Eagles in Troop 27's seven year history!

Celebrating our 5th Year!

Members of Troop 27 are joined by Crew 27 at the 5 year anniversary of the Troop.

Snow Tubing at Snoqualmie

Members of Crew 27, Troop 27 and Pack 27 at Snoqualmie Pass



Klondike Derby 2013

First Six Eagle Scouts!

Dallas Thornton, Jesse Long, Max Reetz, Grant Toepfer, Jensen Bond and Alex Ohlson received their Eagle Awards on April 9, 2011, approximately three years after joining Troop 27.

USS Turner Joy Sleepover

Troop 27's Dragons & Wolverines spent the night on the USS Turner Joy Navy Destroyer.

Kopachuck Campout

Crew 27's first camping trip was to Kopachuck State Park, It rained all weekend!


Three Year Anniversary

Members of Troop 27 and Crew 27 celebrate our third year of Scouting on December 13, 2010!

Camp Ramblewood, November 2010

Zombie Invasion Camporee 2010

Scouts bait the underwater traps at the Zombie Invasion Camporee


Troops await the 'Invasion' of the Zombies at Sunset Bowl


An infected human gets tagged by two Zombies
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Mt. Belejica

Webelos Crossover 2010

Troop 27 - Fox Island, WA
New Webelos Recruits Join the Troop


Welcoming New Scouts into the Troop


OMSI Sub-In Overnight 2010

Members of Troop 27 prepare to board the USS Blueback,
& sleep in the crew's quarters.


In the control room of the USS Blueback


Snow Caves Overnight on Mt. Rainier

Troop 27 Camping Out in the Snow at Mt. Rainier


Snow Caves on Mt. Rainier
Cougar Patrol Sleeping in Snow Caves on Mt. Rainier


Viking Patrol Digging in Snow Caves on Mt. Rainier

Snow Camp at Barn Flat, Paradise, Mt. Rainier

Full moon over Mt. Rainier and our snow cave, 10:30 PM, Feb 27, 2010

Amazing Race Hahobas

The Amazing Race included many interesting skills, such as the 'Passing the LifeSaver' challenge


One of the events included setting up a tent and cooking & eating some Top Ramen, without utensils...


The Dragon Patrol worked on setting up their tent.

Some damp Cougar Patrol members, on the trail


Pinnacle Peak Campout/Hike

Pinnacle Peak Hike


Traversing the boulder field on Pinnacle Peak


Those who made it to the top, signed the rock.

WashJam 2009

Over 6000 Scouts attended WashJam, at Fort Lewis, WA, making it the largest Scout event in Washington State history.

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Arena Show - "In the Footsteps of the Founder" at WashJam 2009
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Camp Hahobas 2009

12 boys attended Camp Hahobas 2009, the hottest week on record


We didn't win the Great White Newt Regatta this year, but the raft didn't sink!


Pioneering practice, Signal Tower construction

Exploring the Ape Caves


Belfair State Park Bike Ride

Cooking burgers over the open fire.


10 Mile Bike Hike along Hood Canal


Save Kopachuck Park Rally

Scouts meet with Senator Derek Kilmer
Scouts working on their Citizenship in the Community merit badge met with
State Senator Derek Kilmer to discuss ways they can help keep the park open.


Councilman Terry Lee
Pierce County Councilman Terry Lee discusses various options for
saving the park with the Scouts.


Mt. Rainier Snowshoe Hike

Troop members at Mt. Rainier, after our snowshoe hike.

Snow blocks
Making snow cubes


Snowshoe Hike
Relaxing during the hike


Klondike Derby 2009

Klondike Derby 2009 - Sled Building
Building our sled for the Klondike Derby

Mountain Men at Tomahawk Throw
Troop 27 with the Mountain Men of Camp Delezenne
Klondike Derby Race Team
Klondike Derby Sled Racing Team
Klondike Derby Race Day
Racing in the 2009 Klondike Derby

Submarine "Camp-in" at OMSI

OMSI Sub-in
Camping 'in' at the OMSI Submarine USS Blueback Dec. 2008


Survivor Camporee - Camp Hahobas

Survivor Camporee
Lighting the 'Tribal Flame' at Bear Bowl


Survivor Camporee
Tribe 'Fellowship of the Flame' at the Tribal Council

Survivor Camporee
First Tribal Council of the weekend

White River Glacier Hike

White River Glacier
Hiking in the White River Glacier basin


Backpacking at Lake Christine

Mt. Beljica
At the summit of 5,475-foot Mount Beljica, near Lake Christine


Cooking at Lake Christine
Cooking dehydrated meals for dinner

Mt. Beljica
Summit of 5,475-foot Mount Beljica near Lake Christine
Mt. Beljica
Looking South from summit of Mount Beljica

Camp Hahobas 2008

Camp Hahobas 2008
Scouts attended the 75th Anniversary of Camp Hahobas this summer.

Scouts from Troop 27 at Camp Hahobas
Scouts looking for adventure at Camp Hahobas this summer.

Zipline at Camp Hahobas
The COPE course included a cool zipline.
Flag Ceremony
Assembling for flag ceremony
First Aid Class
Learning to transport the injured during First Aid class.
Swimming in Lake Robbins
Swimming at Lake Robbins.
Great White Newt Regatta
Sailing in the Great White Newt Regatta.
Campfire Skit
Campfire skits at the Bear Bowl.

Campfire memories of Camp Hahobas
Campfire memories.

Camp Ramblewood

Troop 27 winter campout at Camp Ramblewood
Members of the Cougar Patrol, Viking Patrol, and Cobra Patrol during the closing flag ceremony at the Troop 27 winter campout at Camp Ramblewood

Knot tying practice at Camp Ramblewood
Knot tying practice at Camp Ramblewood
Cooking breakfast at Camp Ramblewood
Viking Patrol cooking breakfast at Camp Ramblewood

Dinner time at camp Ramblewood
Dinner time at Camp Ramblewood

Fence Building Service Project

Fence Building Service Project
Cobra Patrol at the Fence Building Service Project

Fence Building Service Project
Fence Building Service Project
Fence Building Service Project
Cougar Patrol works at the Fence Building Service Project

Point Defiance Hike

Map & Compass Hike at Point Defiance
Map & Compass Hike at Point Defiance


First Campout:

Klondike Derby 2008 at Camp Delezenne

Troop 27 at the Klondike Derby 2008
Members of Troop 27 ready to hit the trail at the Klondike Derby
The Cobra Patrol and The Cougar Patrol


Camp Delezene - Klondike Derby
Troop camp at the Klondike Derby

Creek Crossing
Cougar Patrol competing in the Creek Crossing via Rope & Pulley
Cooking Breakfast at the Klondike Derby
Cooking breakfast outdoors
Suspended Flagpole
Cobra Patrol's Pioneering project - Suspended Flagpole
Log Pull
Block & Tackle Log Pull 
Troop 27 on the trail at the Klondike Derby
On the trail at the Klondike Derby 
Stump Crossing
Stump Crossing Game

Climbing Wall Adventure at Edgeworks in Tacoma

Climbing Wall Adventure


Climbing Wall Adventure

Alex on the climbing wall

Climbing Wall Adventure

Haydon on the climbing wall


Climbing Wall Adventure

Getting tricky!


Snow Play Day at Snoqualmie Pass

Melting snow on Snoqualmie Pass
Melting snow for hot cocoa on Snoqualmie Pass

Troop meeting
Hanging out at an early Troop meeting, January 2008

Mountain Biking at Banner Forest

Mountain Biking at Banner Forest
Mountain Biking at Banner Forest


Jumping BMX Bikes
Getting some air at Banner Forest


Jumping BMX Bikes
Hittin' the Jumps

Axe Yard at Camp Thunderbird
Camp Thunderbird, learning axe safety

Camp Hahobas - Robbins Lake
Robbins Lake at Camp Hahobas
Camp Thunderbird
Cracker barrel time at Camp Thunderbird

First Troop Meeting 2007

Troop 27's first official meeting was held on December 11, 2007.  Charter members in attendance were (left to right): Nicholas Prindiville, Max Reetz, Haydon Tieman, Grant Toepfer, Alex Ohlson, Colt Martinson, Dylan Payne and Troop 27 Founder & Scoutmaster John Ohlson.  We tried our hand at 'high altitude' cooking, and formed our two patrols (Cobras & Cougars), and discussed Summer Camp & our upcoming adventure calendar.


High Altitude Cooking
High-altitude cooking demo


First Organized Event

Swimming party at Bainbridge Aquatic Center
Swimming party at Bainbridge Aquatic Center

Tent Raising
Setting up tents at Camp Thunderbird